About us

About us

This material was collected for a travel guide, launched on CD in 2005. This has not had the exposure which we think it deserves, and we have decided to put it on the web. Naturally, of you wish to donate, we would be most grateful. We hope you enjoy this site, which is without doubt the deepest and most comprehensive travel guide available. If you want to travel in Peru, please make contact. This work was carried out in conjunction with the government of Peru, through its agency PROPERU.

The guides are written by people with a real enthusiasm for the country that they are studying. Our methodology is to recruit and train a team of nationals of the country in question, seeking out people who have real enthusiasm for life outdoors. Virtually all of the guides which we have produced deliver spin-off benefits, undergo upgrades and the like, so the connection which we make with this team tends to be lasting. The Trek!Peru team are shown below.

Rolly Valdivia Chávez

Rolly is a journalist who specialises in photoessays on topics connected with wild Perú.

Angel Antezana Delgado

Angel was an air force officer who now works with the travel industry.

Miguel Toldeo Nuñez

Miguel is a mad surfer, licensed diver, and fanatic of all forms of extreme outdoor sport

Esperanza Portuguez

Esperanza has managed the complex logistics that are involved in running projects with centres of activity half way around the world from each other.

Oliver Sparrow

Oliver wrote most of this guide and has several years living and traveling in Perú.

We acknowledge the great help which was provided by the following people in the company.
  • José Ignacio Udaquiola
  • Jeanette Hurtado
  • Angel Chanco

The web site will develop as we gain information. As well as holiday opportunities, you will find updates to this guide and many other items of current interest..


... and in case you are wondering about the graphic opposite, it is a mask worn in the Candeleria festival at Puno. See here for more on this.